Living work of art

"Bonsai. Neprekidan ciklus davanja i uzimanja, između čovjeka i drveta sa vječno živim i nikada završenim umjetničkim djelom."

"Bonsai can show the beauty of a work of art and become itself a work of art, only when it is true expression of the artist's creative power." S.E.

utorak, 17. travnja 2018.

Tilia Platiphylos - 3-kabudachi

Pictures of my Tilia Platiphylos, with 3 trunks, from planting in first container, and today, after two years.

subota, 24. ožujka 2018.

Story of Cornus Sanguinea

Svib, Cornus Sanguinea was developed several years in open ground in nursery. After some seasons it was transferred in to the first container in autumn 2015. First staying was taken in spring 2016. In late spring 2017. he showed beautiful white flowers. Today comes a time to first repoting. Root ball must be a little more shallower, but it must wait next two years. It is my first Cornus Sanguinea, and I don't wont make mistakes because of hurry. Next time he may also get the first exhibition pot.