Living work of art

"Bonsai. Neprekidan ciklus davanja i uzimanja, između čovjeka i drveta sa vječno živim i nikada završenim umjetničkim djelom."

"Bonsai can show the beauty of a work of art and become itself a work of art, only when it is true expression of the artist's creative power." S.E.

subota, 20. svibnja 2017.

Sunny day and Armbet prebonsai containers.

Sunny day at home....

Homemade temporary acceptance pots from last year are very good, as well as the pines that have been transferred into them. This autumn next 30-40 pines from nursery wait for their pots.

petak, 19. svibnja 2017.

Works in a nursery go by plan. The needles on the candles are opened, some of the old needles is cleared, and the growth of the last year is wired and formed. The deciduous trees is began to trim.

srijeda, 17. svibnja 2017.

Field Maples in maple fields....

Acer Campeste, field maples in open ground developed for prebonsai and bonsai.
Many of these trees will be transferred to pots next spring.
Some of them for shohin, some for chunin bonsai.

subota, 13. svibnja 2017.

Little workshop on my terase.

Little workshop today on my terase. 
Birch of my friend which we have transplanted into the pot in march, now get next step of styling. 
A few little silvestris pines get balance of last years needles.