Living work of art

"Bonsai. Neprekidan ciklus davanja i uzimanja, između čovjeka i drveta sa vječno živim i nikada završenim umjetničkim djelom."

"Bonsai can show the beauty of a work of art and become itself a work of art, only when it is true expression of the artist's creative power." S.E.

nedjelja, 26. ožujka 2017.


Silver birch. Second  year in bonsai pot just started. First birch exhausted me, second birch learned me, I think, next will be just like on conveyor track.

Svib, Cornus sanguinea. Second year in bonsai pot just started. Many flower buds are opening.

And some pictures from bonsai terrace, and two shohin bonsai. Tilia and Pinus Nigra.

petak, 17. ožujka 2017.

akcija veliki silvestris i ostalo...

Repoting big silvestris tree after 4 years. Thak's to bonsai friend Jevgenij for help.

Repoting Abies Coreana after 3 years in pot.

Betula Pendula, silver birch. This tree is a gift from Veljko Bačić from Rijeka to Jevgenij Conar. Tree slowly growing in not quite good conditions ih too wet and deep plastic pot, wit insufficient of feeding. We give her better pot, and with sunny morning position and better feeding I hope in 2 years it will be a great tree.

četvrtak, 16. ožujka 2017.

Nebary day

Today is a day to transplant some material dug before two or three years. Because is mostly oaks and some linden, main work is to cut and shorten rest of big central root. I cut it on 10-15 oaks and some linden trees. Now trees will rest and grow free next two years in peace....