Living work of art

"Bonsai. Neprekidan ciklus davanja i uzimanja, između čovjeka i drveta sa vječno živim i nikada završenim umjetničkim djelom."

"Bonsai can show the beauty of a work of art and become itself a work of art, only when it is true expression of the artist's creative power." S.E.

subota, 3. lipnja 2017.

Weekend works

The wire started ingrown to the bark. Time to remove, and make some little adjustments before summer new wiring. Picea Abies - " Lady in green." Third year in prebonsai pot.

Story of this spruce began in win yard 2009. 
After 7 years in the nursery she got the first pot.

Cleaning old needles, and searching for Acantholyda hieroglyphica. 18 years of this Pinus Silvestris.

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